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Dancing can be dangerous - true tales from an ex-IT support man Episode 8

My apologies for the hiatus – been away and then contracted the dreaded Covid… So, to ease back into the blog and continue the saga that is my life in commerce: The site at which I was working when I last reported was, as I already stated a while back, an ex-banking hall, complete with safe in the basement which we used as a tape and disk storage area.   To transport the disks and tapes up and down the stairs would have been a genuine chore had we not had a mini-elevator for the job.   On the ground floor (that’s the first floor, for all the septic tanks (yanks) reading this – I can dream, can’t I?) the door was about 4 feet tall, with a covered space of about 6 feet above it which housed the winch mechanism but which was otherwise empty. This was used in the normal fashion in the main but, occasionally, it afforded us some fun.   For example, the lift (that’s the real name for an elevator, Yanks – remember who invented the English language?) was operated manually without being o