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The Bishopsgate bomb – true tales from an ex-IT support man Episode 23

Some of you may remember, several years ago, 24 April 1993 to be exact, when the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) detonated a powerful truck bomb on Bishopsgate, in the City of London. I happened to have been working in SG Warburg on that day, which is a stone’s throw from where the bomb was detonated. I was supervising a team that was doing some maintenance and installations on several of the floors in the building – on that particular day I had taken my daughter into the office with me to give my other half a break. On the way into the building, I noticed a very large cherrypicker/crane in a road adjacent to our building – it was on blocks to prevent movement. When we got to the 2 nd floor, where my office was, my daughter grabbed some pens and paper, sat in my chair at my desk and proceeded to draw things (as 7 year olds do), periodically spinning around on the chair. Everyone got down to the work of the day, ordering in McDonalds for breakfast, coffee - you know, standa