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O, the joys of IT support - true tales from an ex-IT support man Episode 11

I used to love IT.  I absorbed everything thrown at me.  Especially the dirty looks from my wife when I was elbows deep into building PCs at home when the baby needed feeding and I was otherwise engaged.  I became the focal point of help for my friends and relations when it came to matters IT.  This eventually became a bit of a task, as I never seemed to be able to shut off.  But it was still fun. At work, I was progressing from comms into the newly adopted world of PC support – the PCs were early generation IBM boulders – enormous compared to the ones around nowadays. The common aspect between all PC usage remains constant, though: the numpties who believe that they know what they’re doing, otherwise known as the end users. These wonderful people were, and no doubt still are, a source of endless amusement and anecdotes, a few of which follow (in no particular order, but all genuine situations in which I found myself): The advent of the PC and the software for the early generation